Introducing Cairo's first Public Transportation Map

Move Different

The TfC urban mobility lab works with data to improve mobility for the public good. We map existing public transport networks to understand travel behavior, benchmark transportation systems, and improve transportation policies. We apply this framework to optimize public transit planning and operation, promoting active modes of walking and cycling, and designing multimodal urban transportation systems.


Map Data

Mapping urban mobility refers to collecting geographic data on routes, stops and building a record of stop names, stop infrastructure, interchanges and route pricing. A more advanced level of mapping covers temporal data to include data collection on service frequencies, service operating times, and creation of estimated timetables incorporating expected trip durations according to road traffic conditions by relying on Big Data API’s. This data is then translated into the industry standard GTFS format, enabling advanced analytics and trip routing. 

The data is made available for education under an open license. More complex datasets are available for commercial use or non-profit research under license.

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Research & Publications

A second strand of TfC’s R&D focuses on the adequacy of urban transport systems, performing qualitative research to understand underlying dynamics as well as commuter preferences and behavior. We are developing and publishing insights and intelligence on the latest thinking on technology, policy, economic, and behavioral shifts, and painting a road forward to fixing the mobility challenges of the 21st century.


How can Transit Mapping achieve Adequate Urban Mobility?

In partnership with Takween for Integrated Community Development, Cairo, September 2017.

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To be published soon

New Desert Communities, Citizen Centric Transport Planning and Fulfilling the SDGs

In partnership with Alternative Policy Solutions centre at the American University in Cairo, Cairo. To be published soon.


TfC has developed substantial skills, experience and relationships within urban mobility in Cairo since its founding in 2015. We are committed to sharing these skills wherever possible, and have worked with clients to:

  • Enable trip-routing on existing and new application such as Google Maps. Learn more >
  • Design of commuter-facing transit maps. Learn more >
  • Accessibility Analysis, including predictive simulation of different transport interventions.
  • Network and Data Analysis of paratransit networks.
  • Capacity Building & tailored training.
  • Research Studies and Policy Papers.