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Policy Paper – Transit Mapping

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How can Transit Mapping achieve Adequate Urban Mobility?

The issue of mobility has become a pressing development concern, especially in Africa due to its predicted demographic and economic growth. Improving accessibility to opportunities and services requires powerful policy and transport infrastructure development. Public transport will influence our mobility patterns, urban shape, social equity and economic performance for the coming decades. For the developing cities of Africa, paratransit has emerged as the provider of the majority of mobility services, linking communities.

Suzuki - Attaba Station


Using these principles, this policy paper hopes to reframe the policy debate on mobility and public transport in cities with paratransit. It contributes the concept of the Right to Adequate Mobility, in line with global development decisions such as the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations and the New Urban Agenda. To measure transport system adequacy, the paper develops specific indices within six parameters: availability, affordability, accessibility, acceptability, safety and sustainability designed to holistically look at transport services.

Improving accessibility should begin with mapping cities’ formal public transport and paratransit networks. This paper analyzes the existing experience of collecting spatial and temporal data on comprehensive urban mobility systems, discusses the possibility of collecting data on system adequacy and draws practical implications for transport policies in today’s developing cities. Two case studies from the United Kingdom and South Africa provide a vantage point to understand the present state of Cairo.

For Cairo, this paper describes the current urban mobility systems and develops a catalog of transport modes. It examines existing data to create the transport data availability matrix for the city, positing mapping as a near-term opportunity to achieve the Right to Adequate Mobility.

This paper was prepared by Transport for Cairo (TfC) and Takween Integrated Community Development (TICD) in Cairo, September 2017.

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