Introducing Cairo's first Public Transportation Map


What is TfC

Cairo is complicated. TfC is not just another app, it is a serious attempt to change how we understand, move around and shape Cairo.
Transport for Cairo (TfC) was founded in 2015 to map Cairo’s formal and informal transport transit networks. The TfC Urban Mobility Lab works with the mapped data to improve mobility for the public good through publishing original research, improving transportation policies and providing cutting-edge urban mobility services.

First, we are mapping Cairo’s formal and informal transport transit networks, providing the raw data openly for education use and enabling trip-planning applications.  Learn More >

The TfC Urban Mobility Lab works with the mapped data to improve mobility for the public good. It works to understand travel behavior, benchmark transportation systems, and improve transportation policies. We apply this framework to optimize public transit planning and operation, promoting active modes of walking and cycling, and designing multimodal urban transportation systems.   Learn More >

We’re a small dedicated team, with our office in Maadi, Cairo, and some of us based around the cities of the world: Boston, Paris, Stockholm and more, with backgrounds in transport, cities, urban informatics, startups and academia.

We are motivated by taking a huge challenge that potentially helps millions move easier, access services & opportunities and improving everybody’s quality of life. We work with the government to promote progressive policies and leave lasting change, work with public transport operators and new transit startups to improve service provision and work with consumers for a better common future.

TfC’s mapping work is supported by the Expo Live, an innovation and partnership programme launched by Expo 2020 Dubai. The TfC Urban Mobility Lab works directly with businesses, international organizations and public authorities, including Mwasalat Misr, the French Development Agency, the American University in Cairo and many many others locally and globally. TfC was founded in 2015 and is incorporated as an Egyptian Limited Liability Partnership.

We are interested in the person more than the role so do not let the job descriptions hold you back, some of the best opportunities are not listed.

Current Openings


Research Associate

We are looking for a Research Associate to help with TfC’s complex mapping operation, and work on improving the mapping methodology, and using the map to formulate research questions and tackle them.     Learn More and apply >

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