Introducing Cairo's first Public Transportation Map

Research Associate

We are looking for a Research Associate to help with TfC’s complex mapping operation, and work on improving the mapping methodology, and using the map to formulate research questions and tackle them.

S/he will be working at the intersection of the data, urban and transportation worlds. S/he will work on refining and maintaining the mapping methodology, with a special focus on identifying, understanding and categorising transit services, transit stops and terminals, transit quality indicators and land-use.

This is an opportunity to work in an agile, continuous research project across multiple teams. This position requires cross-border collaboration: Working with, and as an interface between, the Field Research Team, the GIS Team and the TfC Partners. It requires building an end-to-end understanding of the data collection, data-post processing, data management, data transformation and publication process; mapping these processes and documenting them; setting updated mapping specifications and writing mapping procedures and protocols; interpreting GIS data and problem-solving.

We are interested in the person more than the role, so do not let the lack of prior domain experience hold you back.


  • Support and coordinate with the Field Research Manager the activities of the Field Researchers; document field experiences; interpret field experiences; shape field research strategy and ensure alignment with wider project objectives.
  • Formulate, in coordination with the Field Research manager, Field Research Strategies using statistical methods and in alignment with project objectives
  • Document the end-to-end process of the data collection, data-post processing, data management, data transformation and publication.
  • Call for, coordinate, structure and document research meetings to update mapping methodology and better understand the map.
  • Coordinate, structure and document team meetings with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Update mapping processes and methodology where needed.
  • Turn the mapping methodology into reusable training materials
  • Design, and administer workshops related to the mapping activity, in support of data analysis, understanding and dissemination activities.
  • Work with the Field research and GIS teams to coordinate activities in support of the mapping operation; coordinate workflows and activities; identify and communicate dependencies, and ensure time-control and schedule adherence.
  • Manage and structure activities related to related research outputs dissemination.


  • Salary will be commensurate to experience, qualifications and expected workload.
  • International Travel.


  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills and passion to solve hard problems.
  • Ability to comprehend technical matters and grey areas that stretch outside of your personal area of expertise.
  • 1-5 years of work experience in research-related or academic position.
  • Experience in manipulating, analyzing and joining large amounts of various data using relevant tools like Excel, Stata or R;
  • Understanding of statistical concepts such as distributions and correlations.
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree preferred.
  • English – high proficiency, verbal & written communication. Additional knowledge of French or German preferred.

How to Apply

  • To apply please send a letter of motivation and a CV to The subject must include the position title and your name.
  • The letter of motivation should include at minimum why you (would like to) work in the technology and transportation sector.
  • Quality referrals and recommendations are highly appreciated.
  • This is a rolling admission process, first applicants will be contacted sooner. Final applications will be accepted on September 15th.

Email us your application