Introducing Cairo's first Public Transportation Map

Transport for Cairo

A simple map to travel through Cairo.

6th of October City Transit Map

Check out the first transit map for the city of 6th of October!

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Data (The Map)

Not just another app, it's the map
Explore and download the GIS and GTFS for transit in Cairo.

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The Transit Map

Transit maps by TfC to increase access to information for the Public on Cairo's public transportation network!

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Policy Paper - Transit Mapping

Public transport will influence our mobility patterns, urban shape, social equity and economic performance for the coming decades. This policy paper - prepared by Transport for Cairo and Takween Integrated Community Development - outlines how mapping public transportation can achieve adequate urban mobility and achieve lasting sustainable development.

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Beyond Mapping Workshop (2018)

“Transit Data” will not change our transport experience until we learn how to visualize it and tell the story of urban mobility in Cairo.

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Mapping Addis Ababa (2018)

The story of mapping the transit network of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A successful replication of Digital Cairo.

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Transit Map Design Workshop (2016)

How a team of Students designed Cairo's first experimental Transit Map

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TfC is hiring. Join our growing and amazing team, and be part of changing how Cairo moves.

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