Introducing Cairo's first Public Transportation Map

Centralization of public transportation in downtown Cairo

Problem Definition

We believe that traffic jams in downtown Cairo are a matter of political, geographical, and economic strategies adopted by authorities throughout the last few decades. A citizen going from point A to point B using public transportation in Greater Cairo may have to pass through downtown taking numerous Cairo Transport Authority (CTA) buses instead of using a different route that may be more direct and time-saving.


Our study identifies the portion of CTA routes passing through downtown in comparison to paratransit. Considering downtown Cairo with a 2 km circle from Ramses Square, we found that paratransit modes of transport offer 7 routes in comparison to 24 routes offered by the CTA. However, when the radius of the circle is extended to 10 km to include regions representing Central Cairo, we found that 50 paratransit routes exist compared with 22 CTA routes.


Team Members

  • Khalid Attia
  • Salma Al Kady
  • Merna El Banna
  • Yasmine Yehia