Introducing Cairo's first Public Transportation Map

Comparing the connectivity of 6th of October and New Cairo to Central Cairo

Problem Definition

Demand for housing in the New Urban Communities is increasing but the majority of people still work in Cairo’s central districts. Daily commutes between 6th of October City and New Cairo City to the rest of the Greater Cairo Region are now essential for a lot of people which urges the need for a well-connected transit network to both New Urban Communities.


  1. New Cairo City is the most connected new urban community to other GCR districts.
  2. Shobra El Kheima district is the most connected GCR central district to the other two new urban communities.
  3. 6th Of October City in general and El Hossary Square in particular needs more local bus routes to other GCR central districts since it currently depends on direct microbus service. This will certainly create more diversity in transit options.


Team Members

  • Engy Mohsen
  • Yusuf Halim
  • Mohamed Abedo
  • Monica Safwat